0144 – A venue of release.

I should return to my old blogging ways. Despite the pain and emotional stress it causes me, it does make me reflect on things, and to realize my faults.

Hello, world!

Talk to me! Post a reply. Wanna talk to you guys!

Many precious thoughts have been lost in the past month. I can’t document every important thought in my life, but this is my period of growth. So that was a big chunk passed down the drain.

I need revitalization. I feel dead and lethargic and lazy.

Life is a sine curve. If your life is a cosine curve, then it means that you’re up when I’m down, and I’m down when you’re up. So we gotta always help each other. Buddies for life!

My life is a sine curve. Do you cosine?

From this moment on, I will not be lazy of blogging. I will not be lazy of blogging. I will not be lazy of blogging. I will not be lazy of blogging.


0143 – The return.

Wow. I haven’t posted seriously since 24th May. That’s more than a month. So this is the return – the return of me to this blog, and of that thing to me.

I haven’t had this overwhelming I-feel-shit-for-no-reason thing for ages, since I was just back from Singapore I reckon.

Here I go again…

0142 – They still got it!

I x-posted this here specially for tennisdeva who has sadly left tennisfans!

Now, let’s take a break from Rafa and Rog for a moment here, and let’s talk about the beloved WIMBLEDON!

The Centre Court Celebration was awesome!!!! Anyone skip the Madrid Final to watch this???

-Stares. Probably only me.

But oh well, it was worth it! I loved the celebration. Didn’t wanna agonize through that match anyway. lol. and there’re reruns to watch.

My thoughts!

– Katherine Jenkins was AWESOME! Never heard of her before, but now I have. She has a really good sense of humor and her voice is mellifluous. gotta watch her.
Now, on to the tennis.
-Andre Agassi is funny! And he was so cute with Steffi. They were smooching like every five minutes. lol.
-The Fraulein forehand!!! IT’S STILL THERE. But she can’t run as fast now. lol.
-Tim’s fast hands incredibly a joy to watch. Now I remember why I miss the serve n volley game.
-Kim wasn’t at her best, but she can still compete. She did splits on grass dammit. I thought that wasn’t possible.
-I had this feeling that just because the roof was there and there was rain which makes the roof useful, AELTC actually sprayed artificial rain. lol. Well I know they’d do ANYTHING to get publicity. But Wimbledon doesn’t really need that much publicity, does it?

What do you think? Anybody watched the celebration?

as an ending note, now that our two musketeers (or two stooges if you will) stop posting here, it’s AWFULLY QUIET.