0181 – Know who you are.

My birthday’s coming up in two minutes. And I’m gonna spend this time blogging. Hah.

I avoided saying ‘Know thyself’ because that brings up a whole different interpretation about ego and consciousness. and I’m confused about that, and I don’t wanna get into that.


I’ve never said this before, and I’m gonna say this to myself as my birthday present.

I’m not an ordinary kid. I’m different, and I am good. I know I’m good. Nowhere near the top, but I am good. I am freaking darn good. I am far above average. I am going to do well at life. At least I’m supposed to. I think it’s really important that we all realize who we are and where we stand. Some of us are destined to achieve great things. Some of us are born great, some of us live great. I don’t know what I am, but I certainly have a lot of good karma accumulated from my past life. It’s hard to encourage people who have shit happen to them all the time. Then again, we have to know who we are. If we are a person who gets shit happening at us all the time, we’ve probably done something bad to piss destiny off in the past life. So, if you manage to have a good life, then you rock at life.

As for me, I am currently failing right now. I have high expectations of myself, and I know I’ve had a blessed life, and I want to do something great. I am finding out who I am. I am finding out what I’m capable off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to maximize my potential.

You go do the same. Let’s rock this world. Happy birthday Pete.


0180 – I have high expectations of teachers.

I really do.

I want my teachers to engage students. I want my teachers to be funny and crack lots of jokes. I want my teachers to be approachable and lighthearted and yet gives awesome lectures. So far, I’ve only met one. Her name deserves to be mentioned, Dr. Kathleen Nolta. If she is not the most awesome chemistry teacher EVER, I don’t know who is. A hyperbole for you right there.

(I’m getting very conscious about my writing. Firstly, I don’t know if that’s a good thing. Secondly, that shows that my English teachers (probably) taught me well.)

Anyway, all these expectations I have… are they asking too much? If you read Malcolm Gladwell’s Most Likely To Succeed, then you might have a slight idea that yes, maybe I’m asking too much. There isn’t any incentive for teachers to improve themselves, and most of the funny, energetic and lively ones probably choose to go into other fields. Also, maybe the brand of education that I love requires a set of special gifts – not to mention passion and inspirations and resilience – that only few possess.

Education should always be fun, but it can’t always be that way. It’s just not possible. I sometimes feel that all students want their classes to be that way, but it’s probably an unrealistic and perhaps an I-know-it-won’t-happen wish.

I’m just grateful that there exist teachers like Dr. Kathleen Nolta in this world, and that there exist teachers who do care about education and his students. They just give me so much inspiration. They make me want to teach. Just the thought of the cumbersome responsibilities that come with the brand ‘teacher’ is already overwhelming enough. I can’t imagine what really being a teacher would feel like. What I know is that I might be willing to give it a try.

0178 – General matters

Before I get started on what I originally intended to blog today, I have to say that this blog has really been deserted.

I don’t want this to happen. I like blogging. It gets me thinking. However, college life is so busy especially for people with short attention span because I take so much longer to work. But… life has been alright. I am moving forward, or trying to at least.

Barack Obama won the Peace Prize. Big news of the week. wow.

Today I wanted to blog about judging people, but now I am too tired and sleepy. Good night world.

Just so you know, I am here. I want to be here.

Oh, and I extracted DNA from a bacteria culture today. yeahhhh! I feel proud and important. lol.