0141 – A Buddhist novice's experience

I became ordained as a novice monk! Well, basically that means shaved head, shaved eyebrows, my unexplained two weeks of absence, staying in a temple without handphone and laptop and meditation and Dharma.

And yes that is why I wasn’t around. 🙂

I chose to get ordained at a forest temple; one away from the lights and sounds of a metropolitan city, one where the forest houses millions of insects which bite me everyday. lol. Anyhow, staying in a temple means disconnecting from the world almost completely. No newspaper and no problems to worry about. It’s good in a way that it lets me run away from my then-current disappointment and troubles regarding university, and it kinda makes me calmer (a bit). But I’m all the same anyhow. Still attached to all worldly defilements, still volatile, and still lame. 🙂

However, I did resolve to become a better Buddhist; to become more conscious and alert, as well as to be a ‘nice’ person, by whatever standards you use to judge. Being a nice person means you have to make sacrifices, which I’m not sure I am able to make just yet. It takes a lot of courage and strength of mind to sacrifice personal interests for the greater good.

Well, in the temple, there are precepts which I’m supposed to strictly observe. It includes eating only one meal in the morning (though I’m allowed to drink fruit juices in the evening), not killing any single animal including ants and mosquitoes, not telling lies and not taking people’s stuff without permission. I also had to recite Buddhist chants every morning and evening (I wake up at 4 am everyday!) and try to train my Mind everyday. The temple that I ordained at was a strict temple where the monks are serious in their studies of the Dharma and in their spiritual practice. I did try to meditate and remain steadfast, but with my mind being wholly consumed with worldly attachments, I couldn’t focus much. I managed to stay for only almost two weeks, so there’s not much impact on me unfortunately. I’m gonna take as much as I can from this experience to make myself a perpetually happy person!

This probably sounds weird to those who don’t understand, but I’m not gonna say much because not many people are interested. All I wanna say is Buddhism teaches the path to the cessation of suffering, and buddhism helps you to be calm and peaceful in our everyday life.

Namaste. (A greeting of respect)