0209 – The Thai unity and the longest standing monarch

Well I’m Thai, and apart from the best food, we have the longest standing monarch in the world. Of course, I can’t mention that without mentioning the lese majeste law in effect til this day. Oppresses the freedom of speech, you say. The law has drawn lots of criticism from foreigners along with some Thais too. You guys are also probably surprised that he is above the law – directly against the rule of law isn’t it? Yet, H.M. The King has never abused his power, and has worked tirelessly for his people. He’s a man of principle, and has gone high up in the mountains, touched people with skin disease, sit down together with the commoners and spearheaded campaigns such as the sufficiency economy and the artificial rain.

We Thais love him for a reason, and that is why H.M. The King deserves the respect he gets. I thought this was an issue worth noting because most foreigners feel that lese majeste laws in Thailand are overboard. They may be, but we do have reason to suggest otherwise. Wherever he appears, people come out in force.Whenever he speaks, he unites the country. Whatever he does, it is for the betterment of Thailand. I’m glad to have H.M. King Bhumibol as my King. It may be something that no other nations can properly relate to. That’s the Thai unity and identity.

Long Live the King.


0208 – The time has come

Well I’ve been here for a long time. Still so much to say, yet so little to convey. My life has revolved around the main issue of suffering, bolstered by the various subthemes of time, religion, freedom, and thought. There’s not that much to convey anymore. I have many new stories to tell, but these stories get boring quickly. Nobody wants to hear me rant and rant about my suffering forever. So, coupled with the fact that I am increasingly facing writer’s block and a lack of motivation, I’ve decided that this may be my last public post. Sorry to those who are sick of me talking about suffering, and thanks to those who kept reading. I might move, or continue to write about random things. The future, as much as I don’t want it to be, is undecided.

The quote on the top of my blog is taken from Forrest Gump, and I like it exactly through Forrest’s matter-of-fact, clean, unedited truth. Life’s like that. You sometimes control it, and sometimes you don’t. I’m born to suffer. We’re all born to suffer – in varying degrees. My suffering is different from yours, and that’s because of fate, which I believe is the karmic account. I can choose what I do, but I can’t choose who I am. That’s what I’ve tried to stress to myself. I’m Thai – sometimes proud and sometimes not-so-proud to be one. I eat a lot, and I think a lot. I’m smart. I’m hardworking, though I’d disagree 🙂 I can’t decide what’s given to me. I can only shape my future and find a path in life that I am at peace with. It’s been a long long journey, and I’ve shared some of it with you. I think the time has come for me to change my ways. Maybe try to find a new way to live. Or a new path. Or a new form of expression. Who knows.

Good luck world.

0207 – The Land of Smiles?

Well well it’s been in Thailand for a week and a half and I haven’t blogged yet. ridikulus.

So here I am in a country dubbed as the Land of Smiles – maybe for no longer. The world has heard of the tragedy that is the clash between the red shirts and the yellow shirts. I don’t know how much we changed as a country; lives in the outskirts of Bangkok, where I lived, seems usual and ordinary. The situation has died down, and Bangkok seems rather.. stable. Perhaps, it is the mental and the psychological impact that we don’t see. How much damage? Who knows. When will it end? Who knows. Anyway, amidst all this uncertainty and melancholy, the resilient Thais have resumed our quotidian lives. So I shall.

So, on the plane, the air hostess brought me Kit Kat and a ham and cheese muffin. I was nibbling on the muffin when the air hostess came back to collect the box. NOOOO. She took away my Kit Kat. Unacceptable. I called her and got my Kit Kat back. She had a good laugh. wutevs. I have my Kit Kat 😀

Also, food on Japan Airlines is amazing. Amazing, but the portion is really small. If you haven’t heard, I eat more than the average American, which is unusual for a small Asian. lol.

Next item on the list. Volunteer camp. I went to teach science to young kids in Chanthaburi. Slept on the floor of the classroom – easy target for mosquitoes. They feasted on me.

Lastly, reading ‘The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner. Doesn’t the title shout Pete Pete Pete? A good read for ‘grumps’ searching for happiness.

Andddd on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 3. Haven’t been above 6 for a very long time I’d say.