0200 – A shift in tone

200th post! My posts have been rather depressing lately. Let’s just change things up a little bit.

I’ve played a lot of Smash lately. and a lot of Wii. and doing a lot of pointless things. along with studying. like a normal college kid, right?

And… THE FRENCH OPEN IS ON. Sports pumps me up. so much. But it sucks too, when your favorite team keeps losing. But I’m telling you what. Nadal’s gonna win French Open and Wimbledon. The RED WINGS ARE GONNA BE CHAMPS NEXT YEAR. Michigan Wolverines will be champions AGAIN!

College life isn’t so stressful after all. It’s supposed to be the best time of my life, ain’t it? I’m not making very good use of it right now. So many people’ve been telling me to enjoy it while I’m young. I’ve always wanted to be an adult, and at this age of 19, I’m already thinking maybe it won’t be too bad if I don’t grow up at all. Pete = Peter Pan?

Youth is awesome.


0199 – The 'science' of religion?

Science and religion haven’t really mixed well together, or has it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_science has some interesting discussions. I’ve learned a lot of things from elder monks when I was under their guidance. It’s difficult to believe that when somebody dies, his bones can turn into crystal. I guess religion never comes without faith. After all, we all do need something to cling on to, something to provide structure to your life, be it religion or something else?

I ask a lot of questions, and sometimes you don’t get a lot of answers with regards to religion. But when you get in on the inside, and you hear stories about how your teacher has achieved the blissfulness that you have yearned for, you sometimes just know that religion is sacred, and religion is no joke, scientific or otherwise.

I know that people of all religion believe strongly in their religion. People of faith are rightful people of faith. We are entitled to our own beliefs. Nobody is superior. Nobody is wrong. It’s… the diversity of religion. So share with me your stories!

0198 – The thing called brain

It always amazes what your brain chooses to remember. The most fun. The defining moments of your lives. The most horrific, excruciating moments. The things you want to forget the most.

I’ve never been able to remember things from the past, especially the tiny details. I don’t particularly cling to the past, but I often find myself daydreaming nostalgically about the days that have long gone. The infant days, the high school life, the days where my brain wasn’t so active.

As I grow older, faced with more responsibilities, my brain just thinks about more and more things. I probably killed many of my brain cells with stress. It’s amazing how much stress that thing can take, really.

We all have different things that we care about, and choose to go about taking care of these things differently. I’ve had a lot of input from a lot of people to my blog entries. Much appreciated, guys. But you know, it’s all in my mind. I haven’t been able to figure my life out; I don’t know what I want, why I’m here, what do I care about, and why I’m suffering through ‘education’. I’ve been able to relax more and play a lot of games and not feel too guilty about it later. I’ve taken my mind off a lot of things and live the present.

But I’m not happy.

There’re things about me that I need to change. Behaviors that I need to get rid of. Kilesa that I have to overcome. The internal struggle continues.

Well you know what, I’ve fought for 19 years. I’m gonna continue to fight, and support whoever has a more difficult fight than mine.