0194 – Titanic Struggle

Long road trips make me think. Thinking makes me learn.

Life is indeed a titanic struggle for me. Some people walk through life barely facing any troubles.  I’ve always wondered why. For me, suffering’s been part and parcel of life – something that has drawn me to Buddhism. Buddhism has changed my life. It’s change the way I think. It’s change the way I feel like I should live. No doubt, it’s created more suffering for me. Everything I do that doesn’t conform to Buddhism makes me feel guilty and sad, which is really bad because I can’t live without having fun and letting myself relax. It sucks to feel bad to relax.

Enough complaining. Let’s talk about life.

The social hierarchy, which still indirectly exists due to the separation caused by money and occupation, is a direct corollary of the human selfishness and sense of superiority. Sometimes, we feel superior to people who do drugs, people who aren’t educated, people who are constantly in jealousy of others, people who dress poorly, people who beg. The list goes on. I feel superior too – unintentionally so. Sometimes, we feel like we are higher up in the social rank, and we don’t help those lower than us. We become elitist, and we cease to view other beings as fellow men. This elitist and hate sentiments lead to countless conflicts and retraction of our moral standards.

Is it possible for us to convince the world to help each other? To call for total equality is a big ask and perhaps impossible. But what can we do to at least kill that demon that makes us think of ourselves before others?

We need so much willpower. I’m not sure how hard I’m willing to fight.


0193 – A Titanic affair

I just watched Titanic again yesterday. It’s surprising how much different it is to watch a movie when you’re 13 and when you’re 19.

Titanic exposes the very nature of mankind. The selfishness, the ego, the arrogance. The feeling of pride. The ultimate sorrow that results from the flaws of human.

The universality and timelessness of Titanic are reflected in the fact that it is an epic, truthful movie that has captured the hearts of almost everyone.