0301 – My experience at Infosys

I haven’t talked about my work much. That’s partly because I really don’t know what I can and can’t say. I need to be careful with confidentiality, but I feel like I should at least say something about my experience. Most of Infosys’s data, policies and commitments are available online anyway–a demonstration of Infosys’s openness that I admire.

Someone told me that Infosys operates based on trust. It builds long, healthy partnerships with its customers and ensures that it provides the best for them. It’s interesting for an IT company (or a company in general really) to… have heart. It’s so refreshing to see. That Infosys cares about sustainability and its societal impact too is a plus in my book.

The big question when I came to the company was whether all this is a sham. Many companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are there just because it’s fashionable to do CSR, which defeats the purpose of CSR. As far as I can tell, Infosys seems to be an exception.

I work in the Green Initiatives Team at Infosys. The team is responsible for almost all things sustainability: energy efficiency, building planning, waste management, renewable energy, environmental mediation, etc. I’ve been here for almost a month, and I’m really blown away by the amount of work that this team does. I only have good things to say. The team comprises of so many different professionals specializing in different aspects of sustainability, united under a common goal. Each person is responsible for a piece of the puzzle, and they all come together at the end to make Infosys more sustainable. I’m just amazed by how diverse this work really is.

What’s really interesting too is how different this unit is from all the other ones at Infosys, who offers services in hardware/software/consulting/supply chain/etc. The Green Initiatives seems like a little red dot–a unique one–on the map of Infosys–kinda like how Singapore is the little red dot on the world’s map. Unfortunately, just being a little red dot also means that most of Infosys doesn’t know about this team. One of the big challenges this team has is how to communicate with the rest of the Infosys employees, and also how to present its vision and accomplishments to the world. It’s definitely a challenge to communicate something different to the IT world, but they’re trying hard.

Anyway, it’s been a huge learning journey working on my projects here. I’m getting a feel for the corporate system, the way companies choose their vendors, the self-motivation required to work well, and the rapid pace of technological change in the renewable energy industry. It’s been hectic to say the least. But I am really glad I got to be here, in a different environment than the one I’m used to, and to see the work that this company is doing. To see a company make a serious commitment to sustainability and follow up on it gives me hope that the world can be right.


0289 – First taste of India

It’s Sunday evening here in India and I am well into my first full day in the 2nd most populated country in the world. It’s been uneventful so far. I came in with a little trepidation, not really knowing what to expect. So I’m not complaining too much that not much has happened.

Few thoughts:

– My luggage took forever to come out. Apparently they didn’t care that my bag has priority baggage tag on it. In general, people here seem to care less about order and more about getting through things quickly. The  taxi driver was waiting for me when I came out though, and I had a good conversation with him during the 1.5 hr car ride. Outside, I was greeted with the night time temperature of 20 C. Not complaining. Not complaining at all. Supposed to be about 30 C during the day. Not too shabby.

– Most of the billboard signs here are in English! The taxi driver told me that there’re a lot of foreigners here. Lots of construction too. Land cost has skyrocketed with the influx of foreigners and IT companies. I’m glad Infy is housing me on their campus!




This is my room: It’s an 18×10 single. I had an 11×15 double at Michigan. So no complaints here. Attached bath too!






View from the room. Nothing to write home about. Glad to see the green though.




– Security here’s tight. They asked me to declare all my electronics, and took forever before they let me go. For some reason they had an issue with my laptop charger.

– I’m still having a tough time adjusting to their accent. They speak so fast it’s tough for me to follow.

– This is just the first day so I haven’t met any of the other interns. Most of the locals here seem… apathetic to my presence. I was the only non-Indian in the restaurant during lunch today. Good that they’re not staring, but I kinda wish someone would be kind enough to strike up a conversation.

– Just had my first meal. This may not turn out well. haha.

Well, it’s my first day and I’m still trying to find my way. It’s definitely going to be a different experience. I keep thinking about this:

The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

I’m going to be doing some introspection and meditation here. Trying to find myself away from the rush back home and in the US. Still daunted by it all.

Deep breath, and off I go.

0288 – On Thailand + departure for India

It’s been really hard to get out of bed these days…

I don’t have to!!! Gotta love the summer break.

There’s been a lot to do though. Top of my list is to reunite my tummy with the favorite dishes it had been deprived of for oh so long. I didn’t take pictures this time, but I should’ve. My favorite food comprises of really simple Thai dishes that rarely highlight the best Thailand has to offer, but I’ll give you a glimpse anyway the next time I get back to Thailand.

Every time I get back here, I never know how to feel about the lifestyle change. In Thailand, we have less expectations about things running on time, there aren’t as big a dependency on technology everywhere, and people somehow walk slower here. It’s kinda nice, but also frustrating.

I went on a Thai river taxi for the first time this past weekend (Bangkok has a river running right through the city and many locals use the boat to get from place to place. Here’s a good video of a foreigner’s experience) and snapped this picture on the right. There are quite a few things that trouble me when I took this picture. 1) The Chao Phraya River’s water is really really… not clean. 2) The dichotomy between the out-of-place modern commercial space and the surrounding old-fashioned vicinity. 3) I had no idea where I was. ha. I did find my way at the end.

It’s kinda weird for me to think about how I’ve been switching back and forth between the two lifestyles. Is one better than the other? Or is one lesser of the two evils? The world is so different everywhere. Who knows what awaits me next. When I asked myself which would make me the most comfortable, I’d say  it’s probably the western lifestyle. But when I asked which would make me happy, I really can’t answer that one. But happiness isn’t really about place, is it? I don’t know, but @Eric_Weiner probably has something to say about that. Anyhow, this happiness dilemma is one that I will continue to think about for some time.

Now, I’m going to be adding one more lifestyle this summer. I’m flying off to Bangalore this Saturday to start my internship. All this traveling’s taking a toll on me, but I’m actually pretty excited about the gig I have lined up in India. Stumbled open this interview of Rohan Parikh, the head of Green Initiatives at Infosys (Apparently the nickname’s “Infy.” Sounds like a cartoon character.). Jokes aside, their efforts look pretty impressive on paper. Renewable energy, composting, education programs, green building, biogas, etc. I’m intrigued. We’ll see how my experience turns out. Anyway, I’ve been flipping through my friends’ travel blogs and decided that I really do need to take more pictures and better document my experiences. So I promise I’ll try to update this blog at least weekly.

Back this weekend when I settle down in India!