0246 – The World That Gives You Growth

I grow. Again.

I think if you look carefully there is a lesson and a point behind everything you encounter, even when you’re dragged into things kicking and screaming, or when the society lures you into it. You experience a trigger (and for some of us a Tigger moment to go along with that) every so often. The world just never stops bringing you growth. I experienced such a trigger today, which made me ask this:

What good is a man with a philosophy but no substance?

I’ve spent the majority of my last three years developing my philosophy. What I did not realize that there was no substance. This revelation has sent me into a whirlwind of thoughts and curiosity and emotions that is called today, a very very interesting day.

So I was told that Michigan trains people to be engineers, not technicians, and that the difference lies in one’s critical thinking and ability to initiate change. I began wonder if I want to be an engineer or a technician, and I told myself I want to be an engineer. I wondered if I want to be a leader or a follower, and I told myself that I wanted to lead. I asked if I was ready to commit to bringing change, and I told myself that I am.

So what am I going to do now? I can safely say I’m not sure. Am I worried? Yes I am. Will I be okay? Oh yes I will. I think. You know, we often resist uncertainty, and we dislike not being able to do things, but I think it’s all a part of the grand challenge that the world presents. Dynamicism, as I like to call it, allows us to garner a wealth of experiences as we move gradually along our paths.

While my thoughts are not yet fully formulated on this issue, I know I am blessed to be here and to be presented with such revelations. And I have the world to thank for that.

So thank you.


0245 – The Life We Choose To Live

I’m Back!!! Kinda..

It’s been such a busy semester with chemical engineering. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for almost a month! So what’s happening in the blogosphere?

This new year life’s been about new friends and new directions. Many decisions have been made, and more are to come. The decisions we make each day ultimately affect the way we choose to live each time. Have you ever wondered how life would be different if we make the other decision?

You know, we really make so many decisions each day though we don’t really realize it. People like me stress about the decisions and may even be more uncomfortable after the decision is made. I worry about the impact of the decisions and what will happen in the future. I try to interpret the signs that pop up around me, wondering what they mean. What am I supposed to do? Which choice am I supposed to choose? Ultimately, you’re forced to make a decision.

Then you wonder if you’ve chosen the right choice. You wonder if you want to be where you are. You wonder if you want to live the life you’ve been living. You wonder how it’d be different if you went the other way.

I have yet to find any answers to life. I’ve realized that happiness means actually following your dreams and what you care about and not always listening to the society. But it’s so much easier to just say it than to live by it. It’s so much easier to just do what the society wants and just.. try to survive.

So I’m trying to choose how to live my life, but I’ve yet to figure out the best way. People will tell you there is no best way to live, but can you blame a boy for trying? In a world as uncertain and fragile as ours, I’d gladly hang on to any steady pillars, just to give myself some form of security. We rarely want change, either because it’s too hard or because of its unpredictability.

We never consider the momentous impact that our decisions have. We never consider how choosing to use a plastic bag mean less resources for the future generations. We never consider how not recycling a piece of paper mean increased demand for deforestation. We never consider how taking more food than we need mean overgrazing or potentially less food for people who really need them? Maybe it’s time we choose to live a different life. Maybe it’s time we look at decision-making with a systems thinking mindset. Maybe it’s time we start to make sure that we leave the world better than how we found it. Though this may be done in a myriad of ways, the small steps that you can take will have meaningful impacts much larger than life.

What do you say? Should we take the easy way out, or shall we try to empower ourselves?