0310 – India, I guess this is it.

It’s time to say goodbye. I’m back in Thailand after an early morning flight. It’s been quite an experience. I really am not sure what I feel about all this in the end–bittersweet will probably do. While I am glad to leave the chaos and all the honking, I will surely miss the company of my fellow interns as well as the cultural diversity that India has to offer. Apart from the laughter and fun, India’s given me lots of things to think about in terms of sustainability, equality and societal structure. It’s really a different feel than the one I get from the U.S. The transactions of everyday life really has taken a huge toll on me here–there’re so many more delays, so much more haggling,motto many arguments. India has pushed the limits of my patience in so many different ways, leaving me to discover how purturbable my mind really is. As I wrote before, the only journey is the journey within. A friend told me that because India is so chaotic all the time, those who manage to find peace herare emerge with the wisdom often surpassing many others’.

I really cannot say what India is like, for my two months here have scarcely afforded me enough opportunities to see half the country. There are so many destinations that I’d like to visit, for both to see the sights and get to know the culture. Many people–Indians and non-Indians alike–have great hopes for India becoming a country of their dreams. And the dreams vary greatly–some want it to become a capitalist power, some want it to be an IT hotbed, some want it to be green and sustainable, some want it to be the growth of social entrepreneurship, some want it to be socialist. One thing I know for sure is that India offers infinite possibilities, and not many countries in the world can make that claim.

There’re things that I like about this country, and things that I don’t. Currently, this country doesn’t feel like home for me at this point. Maybe I’ll be back again. Who knows. I never thought I’d come to India. There I was. So I might be back. Until then, India, it’s been nice (trying) to get to know you. I’m grateful to roam around a country distinct from anywhere I’ve ever been. I look forward to seeing what you bring to our world in the future.