0254 – What's Going On?

That’s my newest question. Echoed by many scientists, skeptics, believers, thinkers, conservatives, liberals, the question is simply this: What the hell is going on?

Raised among scientific minds, I’ve been trained to only trust my cognition. But as I continue to live, dabble in religions, probe into my spirituality, I cannot help but feel that there is another mystery left isolated from science. Something mystical and transcendent of the typical human understanding.

For a long time, I lived with something that can perhaps be called cognitive dissonance, but it’s not totally cognitive in a sense that the dissonance seems to be between cognition and intuition. I questioned supernatural powers. I questioned the existence of a divine source of power. I questioned the existence of heaven and hell. I questioned religion. I tried cognitive reasoning to reconcile the seemingly real yet seemingly implausible existence of a higher energy.

I didn’t get any answers that way. Then life took a sharp turn.

Suddenly, it dawned upon me that I was constantly seeking. I was seeking and forcing my search so I didn’t find. Suddenly, I realized that too much cleverness and too many questions are my biggest obstacles. It’s all so unnatural. I laughed ay myself.

I was guided, by what I believe to be the natural forces of this world, to see that instead of resisting the world, I should try to feel it. This way, the spiritual world and the physical world no longer seem disparate. I can smile. There’s a tingling feeling in me that’s telling me I’m onto something this time. I barely understand it all, but ceasing to seek has made me so.. free. And open. It’s okay to not know, because I’m a part of this world now. It actually makes sense!

There is a huge aspect of our world that science currently ignores. ESP, remote viewing, inner peace, hidden energy, spirits. We generally shy away from such topics because it compellingly challenges our comfortable definition of the world. The potential for knowledge is so so great. At times, I’d feel that my thirst for tranquility and inner peace belongs in the same world as my academic and professional pursuits. This is one great feeling, for there truly seems to be limitless possibilities. We don’t know so much. It’s so exciting.

Let’s smash the barrier, because there’s so much more going on that we don’t completely see.

What’s going on?

P.S. If you’re skeptical, I’d recommend reading Elizabeth Mayer’s Extraordinary Knowing first, and doors will open for you.


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