0253 – False Sense of Superiority

Today, I’m writing about spirituality again. It’s still going to be a subject that’s dear to my heart. But what is spirituality really? Together with religion, these two words have lost their meanings, are misused and scoffed upon by many. What does it mean to be a spiritual person?

I’ve really started to believe that ‘spirituality’ means different things to each of us, and that is simply because we each have our own spirit/soul. Religions, while meaningful and transformative for many, can become dogmatic and restrictive towards one’s journey towards inner peace. From my own experience, that feels like the case. Yet, as I grow tired and weary of religion, I grow increasingly frustrated at the decadence and the alleged ‘degradation’ of morality and righteousness in the world. I feel superior. Frustrated, but superior. I live the life I choose, and I judge.

I used to think that I’m superior because I’m closer to reaching that clarity and attaining the wisdom that I have long yearned for. Yet, I’m no closer than the people I judge. We are just on opposite sides of a river.

I spend time looking at the other side of the river, wishing they all are with me. But now I can only smile, because I and them both should be moving towards that river. The enigmatic, captivating, all-knowing river. The land of moderation. The land of oneness.

Why do I spend time worrying why the bible says I’m going to hell? Why do I spend time worrying about being cool? Why do I spend time lamenting the decadence in this world?

It’s all got to stop.

Because we all have our own paths. And whatever we choose, wherever we go, we all should be just fine.

Let’s not waste time to judge. Let’s not waste time to fight. Let’s not let life slip away.


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