0252 – Living in the now

You may have noticed the slightly new topics I’ve presented the past couple of days. These posts are a part of my attempt to diversify my ramblings to include things other than my rants and protests against the world. Because there is more I can offer. There is more to life than struggle and suffering. And there is more to life than just worrying about my future. From now, this blog will no longer just document my struggles, but will document my thoughts and my inspirations.

I sometimes care about this world more than I care about myself. I spend countless hours pondering the notion of existence and the grim outlook for the future generations, often at the expense of my own well-being. At the same time, I want to be happy. That’s all I ever wanted.

The latest blog-worthy advice I’ve been given is this: to stay in the now. All my focus has been placed on the future and the unfolding of events, and I miss the opportunity to embrace the present and what goes on around me. And this is very true.

So that shall be my new focus. Carpe Diem!

But that means a lot more, I think. That means I shall not fear the society. That means I shall not fear the status quo. I shall not fear the judging eyes. I shall not worry about my future, because my future will be just alright.

For now, goodbye. For tomorrow, good luck. Forever, go blue. For now, I shall appreciate this slow Monday afternoon. Tennis time!


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