0246 – The World That Gives You Growth

I grow. Again.

I think if you look carefully there is a lesson and a point behind everything you encounter, even when you’re dragged into things kicking and screaming, or when the society lures you into it. You experience a trigger (and for some of us a Tigger moment to go along with that) every so often. The world just never stops bringing you growth. I experienced such a trigger today, which made me ask this:

What good is a man with a philosophy but no substance?

I’ve spent the majority of my last three years developing my philosophy. What I did not realize that there was no substance. This revelation has sent me into a whirlwind of thoughts and curiosity and emotions that is called today, a very very interesting day.

So I was told that Michigan trains people to be engineers, not technicians, and that the difference lies in one’s critical thinking and ability to initiate change. I began wonder if I want to be an engineer or a technician, and I told myself I want to be an engineer. I wondered if I want to be a leader or a follower, and I told myself that I wanted to lead. I asked if I was ready to commit to bringing change, and I told myself that I am.

So what am I going to do now? I can safely say I’m not sure. Am I worried? Yes I am. Will I be okay? Oh yes I will. I think. You know, we often resist uncertainty, and we dislike not being able to do things, but I think it’s all a part of the grand challenge that the world presents. Dynamicism, as I like to call it, allows us to garner a wealth of experiences as we move gradually along our paths.

While my thoughts are not yet fully formulated on this issue, I know I am blessed to be here and to be presented with such revelations. And I have the world to thank for that.

So thank you.


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