0242 – I guess this is it

Well, the year is once again drawing close. It’s the time we make resolutions for next year (and most likely realize that we failed this year’s resolutions too). It’s the time we reflect on the year recently past and relive the fondest memories we have. It’s the time we say we have to move on to a new year, a new chapter and leave the past behind.

I am thinking about this blog. It’s changed so much over the years. It’s helped me evaluate myself. It’s helped me get through my toughest times. It’s helped me grow. It’s helped me see the world differently. It’s helped me see beauty and vibrancy in things that used to be just inanimate dull stones. Not many people read this blog for a variety of different reasons. Some say it’s too deep, some say it’s too depressing, some say it’s too long, and some’s just not interested. But for those of you that do, I hope you get to know me a little better and gain something from my posts. Thank you for reading.

As for the new years, I’ve made resolutions before. Never really succeeded, mostly because I’m too ambitious and I get too lazy and caught up in the moments. But for 2011, my only resolution is for me to be happier. And as my wise friend kindly pointed out, that means fewer expectations. So there you go. Fewer expectations.

Here’s for a good 2010, and for an awesome 2011.

P.S.: WordPress is launching a Post A Day/Post A Week campaign for 2011. Awesome idea. I’ve decided to try my hands on Post A Week, so hopefully you’ll see me here every week with a few more random stuff!


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