0239 – Cogito Ergo Sum

If there is one philosophical saying that’s always been ‘true’ for me, it’s gotta be cogito ergo sum: I think therefore I am. It’s been a pretty rough month or so, with streams of thoughts constantly circulating in my head. It just reminds me of how difficult it is to change – your expectations, the way you think, the way you act. Let’s not talk about the world for now – it’s difficult enough to change myself. Many of you might remember that I declared that I am on a happiness revolution. Well, I’m still on one, except I’m fazed by all the speed bumps and unprecedented hindrance along the way. Mannn, life is hard, eh? As the wise Maya Angelou once said, “Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” Hell to the yes!

I’m currently reading Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman, who I respect very much. I’m learning so much about the way humans think and why we get depressed so easily and how to snap out of it. Learning so much from it. A definite must-read seal of approval from Pete. For those of you with a long to-read list, bump this one up above 75% of the list!

Speaking of to-read lists, mine has been extending.. yet again. I’ve somehow found invigorated love of reading this month, and suddenly good books seem to appear everywhere. To me, this really reflects the wealth of human experience and wisdom that all of us can draw upon, and this is why the world can be so amazing. Just reading things that I’d never ever be able to write/come up with, I just feel this awe and fulfillment that I’ve never found in my classes. It’s knowledge of a different kind, one that many of us lacks, and one that is particularly endearing to me.

Great. I’m going off on a tangent again. What I wanted to say is there is always so much to learn. One is always growing along with everyone else. So sometimes I feel the need to express certain things that don’t seem very aligned with my happiness revolution, but that is because I am learning and trying to grow. My blog used to be so depressing and emo and life-sucks-shit-happens-so-shut-up-and-deal-with-it emotionally charged, and that type of… intensity is still lingering in me. So forgive me for that.

Although, I do hope that as I endlessly spill thoughts onto my entries, some of them will inspire you and some of them will teach you something and change the way you think. Ultimately, I think if one can live as is, accept oneself and do what one loves, and – most importantly – learn from others with an open mind, the world will be a memorable ground for the learning journey that we are fated to go on together.

So keep thinking, and keep growing.


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