0235 – The Things We Don't See

I’ve just watched the film Unmistaken Child today, a story of a young monk’s search for his disciple’s reincarnation. If you are at all interested in the Buddhist tradition, or the notion of reincarnation, or even the idea of faith and devotion, this is a must see.

I’m not going to say too much because I don’t wanna spoil it, but it is really something we don’t see everyday, especially here in the western world. To me, seeing far above the trivial details of the movie, I see a whole another world – a very inspiring one. It was awestruck by the level of commitment, belief and devotion that the villagers have for their master and religion, and that the disciple has for his master. It was on a whole different level.

It’s just amazing how diverse the world is, and how our extremely limited view has not allowed us to see all the other things not in our proximity. There really is just so much in the world that just makes me wanna go out and do an eat-pray-love kinda journey (but in  a not-so-gay way) or the geography of bliss kinda thing. Bhutan maybe? See how Gross National Happiness works! Also, Britain’s announced some sort of happiness indicator that will somehow reduce the emphasis on GDP I think. Should be interesting to find out more about.

But anyway, I sidetrack a lot, just cuz I am starting to open my eyes to see the world. I am opening my eyes to see that there are rich traditions that are fascinating to learn about. Faith and devotion are amazing things. I think it’s come to a point where I don’t think we should no longer care about our differences – no longer care if we believe in God, no longer care if we believe in karma, no longer care if we believe in divinity. We should just care if we are happy. We should just care if we have faith in humanity, and try to understand the things we don’t normally see, and try to move forward together.

And isn’t it amazing how much time I spend thinking? It’s ridiculous.


2 thoughts on “0235 – The Things We Don't See

  1. deziree November 28, 2010 / 6:22 am

    hello! I chanced upon your wp. your train of thoughts is often what goes through my head too. have you read the geography of bliss by eric weiner? you might find your answer there. 🙂 cheers.

    • existentiallife November 28, 2010 / 1:18 pm

      hi! I did read Geography of Bliss. One of the books that inspired all these! I don’t think I can look anywhere for answers. Everyone has to find his own answer. To me, there’s no one thing that can give everybody bliss. I’m trying to find what will give me bliss, and this journey has been an incredible one so far.

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