0234 – Inspiring Lives

It is currently 6am and I have been awake for 22.5 hours – 22.5 hours dedicated to community service. And I will be up for another three hours. Forty people. In one house. Doing 24 hours of community service.

Sometimes I ask myself what the point of all these is. What do you get at he end of the day if you cant even see the effect.

Then I see the executive board and my fellow volunteers – walking about in their usual business, with the ever-strong resolve. No complaints. No let down. No stopping.

Then I thought. And I thought. I didn’t think I can ever been so selfless, and here I am complaining. Why am I complaining when many of us out here are being the inspiring leader that they are. Maybe I should stop complaining, because even if nobody else gives a fuck about this, this is what brings us together. This is what inspires us,this is what motivates us, this is what propels us and the world forward.


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