0232 – Ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder why everything consumes oxygen? Ever wonder why CO2 is bad for the world? Ever wonder why we have strong desires to win? Ever wonder why resources in the world is limited? Ever wonder why we can’t all be happy? Ever wonder why we can’t all love each other?

I wonder about these things. A lot. And it seems like they are questions that I’d never be able to answer. It seems that you’re born into this world, to suffer and to smile, to grow and to degenerate and to live and to die, without much choice really. There are predetermined elements that are beyond our control.  I used to wonder why they make life so difficult for us. Why the world is so difficult to live in. Why we cannot just have eternal happiness. Why we cannot be immune to pain. Why we cannot choose the world we are born into. Did somebody up there plan all this? It seems like we’re being challenged. We are being challenged to overcome the difficulties and corruptness that we face. Maybe we are being challenged to fix the world.

My portrait of utopia is something relatively far off from the current state of messiness and confusion that we live in, and I wonder. I wonder. I wonder if I should even hope that utopia will be realtopia one day.

Then I start seeing the world in a new way. Instead of fearing the domineering darkness of the path, I choose to see the glimmers of hope that glow ever so bright. I choose to let them guide me, raise me up, and move me along.

I will hope. I will always hope, even in the darkest of times, that one day, we will all emerge happy. I will hope that we all will rise up above all challenges.


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