0231 – All we'll all float on ok. Happy Birthday.

Bye bye to the second decade. Say hello to the 20s. Best years of my life? Life defining decade? Maybes.

I’m 20 now. Goodness. I’m getting old! In a way, it doesn’t matter, because I don’t think I’ll ever grow up. I just love the pete that is always childish and annoy everyone like there’s no tomorrow. I love the pete that is so strange and quirky and loud. And of course, I love the pete that is embarking on this happiness revolution.

Loving yourself seems easy enough, but it takes a lot. It takes a lot to accept you as who you are. What I heard today: Do not let the you society thinks you are be the you you think you are. It takes a lot to simply be you, believe it or not.

Looking back on my first *quarter* (I hope) of my life, I have, in a way, achieved nothing and many things. I’m proud of myself. I’m so glad for the blessings that I’ve received this semester. I’m still here, but I’m fighting, and I’m being me. I’m still in the paws of the society, but I’m, as always, fighting. That now gives me the next three quarters of my life to go over my dreams. Pretty good eh?

You know I’m reminded of one common Buddhist quote that one should be mindful of death with every breath. Sounds morbid, right? But what it truly says to me is how lucky we are that we are here alive and kicking and bitchin(g). How lucky we are to be in this beautiful but troubled world. There is nothing better than life. Nothing.

Realize this. Realize that we’re so fortunate. Realize that life is in fact a rewarding journey, and we’ll all float on alright.


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