0228 – Fight for humanity

So I decided that, sitting inside this epicly boring class, this is the best time to write a new post. It’s been an eventful two weeks with ups and downs, highs and lows, desolation and hope, and dreams kept in check by reality.

Here is a speech by Bill Deresiewicz addressed to the entering freshman class at Stanford. Best fifteen minutes of my life. I was literally jumping up and down my chair, because the speech embodies what I truly stand for.

You know, sometimes this fight gets lonely. This fight gets overwhelming. Sometimes, giving up seems like the best option.  Rather, giving up seems like the only option when I face other struggles as well.

That raises the question: How do I keep the fight alive? The fight that is larger-than-life, so worthwhile, so meaningful, so momentous yet so burdensome and endless?

We all have many fights that we can take on. We have to choose our fights carefully. We choose fights and we believe we can overcome and triumph. We choose fights that we deeply care about. And yes, we might not win, but hey, what you learn from them is so much more important than the ultimate outcome.

I’ve been fortunate enough this semester to have friends that care. I’ve been blessed to have presented to me inspirational materials – like the Martin Seligman talk and the article hyperlinked above – whenever I feel like giving up. Our hearts need the inspiration, love and support. We seek meaningful relationships, be it friendship or family or love. I used to not have faith in humanity – so much genocide, terrorism, egocentrism, jealousy, enmity and discrimination. Are humans intrinsically evil? Yes, I still believe so. But. I believe we all fight. We all can fight. It is a fight for humanity. It is a fight that is worthwhile. It is a fight that we can all take together.

As I’ve said so often, so many things have happened in the past 2 months that have changed my life in ways I never thought they would. I’m starting to believe. I’m starting to have faith. I’m starting to feel good about this world. I’m starting to feel that great things can happen. I’m starting to believe that this world may actually be something beautiful.

And if you cannot see this yet, don’t give up. Some day, life will surprise you when you least expect it to. It really will. So keep fighting. Fight for humanity.



One thought on “0228 – Fight for humanity

  1. Janie October 15, 2010 / 10:54 pm

    I love this blog and I really liked the article you linked!!! It really got me thinking!

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