0225 – The Happiness Revolution Update

An overdue update on my new take on life:

– Again, I need to stress on how amazing it is to have a new outlook on life – a welcome and refreshing change to my life. Making life just a little more about me and less about the society just makes life worth living.

– I might have just found what I’d love to do. Potentially. That deserves a smiley. 🙂 Just thinking about ways to integrate different fields together, talking to different people about life, having meaningful conversations, and – most importantly – knowing that I can still make a difference, just keeps me going.

– This does not mean I’m significantly happier. These are very tumultuous and depressing times. I’m depressed, but inspired. One can’t have worldly happiness all the time. Just gotta make the best of the moment. No time like the present. 🙂

– Perhaps it is time I tweak my viewpoint of mankind too. Might make me smile a little more.

– As much as I want to disagree, this is a very painfully slow and gradual revolution. Well, come to think of it, revolutions are slow and gradual anyway. But big things will come of this. I will make it happen.

– I still worry about the little things in life. Too obsessed with classes, friends, society, fame, doing ‘what’s right’. I can’t get rid of it – yet. You all can fight it. Fight with me. Fight for happiness, the most worthy cause.

– I dream to one day become a TED speaker. I dream to one day stand in front of a crowd of 100,000 people and receive a standing ovation. I dream to inspire.


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