0219 – Spirituality and the pursuit of happiness

Another horrible day today to end the week on a low note. Okay. Fine. Bye week. Time to move on.

Now.. a little something I love to talk about. Spirituality and the pursuit of happiness.

It’s a topic that rarely springs up in everyday conversations. It is sad, because I think a lot of people, when in solitude or in times of hardships and desolation, really would have benefited from spirituality discussions.

So at Leadershape, we had a very engaging spirituality discussion that revolved a lot around religion and also the search within the self. Introspection is wonderful – it has amazed me more than anything else ever will. The world today is so much about material, external pleasures and social acceptance. We are in a world where constant judging is taking place, and people become more and more insecure and worrisome as the days go by. Consequently, your inner being collapses. No confidence. No guidance. No direction.

So I feel it is crucial to regularly introspect and reflect on your thoughts on life. There is a purpose for everyone. Whether it’s big, lofty, small, noble, unique or reachable is another story. Finding the purpose and the reason why you live has been the theme of my life. I am still very much lost. Leadershape has indeed given me some direction, but life is so full of unpredictables and changes that I never really know what’s coming at me, or what am I to undergo.

Some people are lost. Some people are prevented from freely defining their own spirituality. Some people just never really thought about it before. Do we really each have a own purpose in life?

One of the things that I often tell myself is that nobody really knows the truth, so choose what you want to believe. In fact, it is this very fact that makes life so difficult. You don’t know what in the world is controlling this world, or perhaps it is just a state of randomness for that matter. So you never know what to look out for. There may be more than one truth, or there may be no truths at all.

I personally have chosen to believe in many Buddhist principles (not all of it) and also a set of self-scripted rules that I build up as I encounter more challenges in life. There are times when I really wish I’m not myself – I’d rather be a tennis superstar, a groundbreaking researcher, an amazing hot attractive guy or, most importantly, some extremely happy person in a beautiful world.

But.. I am myself. I suffer a lot, and I learn a lot. I may not be as fun as others, but I bring a lot to the table. One way I like to think of suffering is that it is not an unfortunate thing to suffer. In Buddhist tales, angels envy humans because they suffer! Why? Because when we suffer we learn so much about life. Suffering makes us reflect and propels us to better our lives and the world. So suffering can be a good thing. Although, too much of it is no good. I can testify to that. Does life seem a little brighter if you view suffering this way? I hope it does.

People never really believe in themselves anymore. Don’t let that happen to you. You are awesome. You have the potential in you. Tap it. Bring out your energy. Bring out your potential. Bring out your passion and walk towards it with all your might. Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.

We will walk together. You, me and Dupree. Just kidding.

P.S. If you’d still like to talk to me about spirituality, please please please do so. I’d loveeeee to talk more about it. Email/Facebook/Skype me.


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