0217 – Flight Plight

Normally I don’t really write entries about my recent events, but this is something else. I missed a flight for the first time.

So I finally reached Ann Arbor at around 12.20 am of Sunday August 22nd, 5 hours behind schedule. It was a torturous day, which fueled my hatred for long air rides. They’re convenient, but environmentally wasteful and extremely exhausting. I’m almost falling asleep as I write.

So things started off well and I was right on time for my flight from Bangkok to Tokyo, and from Tokyo to Chicago. I found out that I had to go through customs in Chicago first, collect my luggages and only to check in my luggages back again for my flight to Detroit. A little dumb I thought, but fine. Whatever. So my flight to Chicago was actually ten minutes early, and I had 1 hour and 50 minutes to catch my next flight – plenty of time. Then, the Chicago Customs killed me. I stood in line for about TWO HOURS before I got through. I ran and ran and ran, but, of course, I was ten minutes late. Alas, first missed flight in the life of Chirapon Wangwongwiroj.

What made me angry is that they only opened half of the lanes for the international customs section, even though there are 200 people waiting in line. You would think the US would care more. Well, since everybody wants to come to the US, it’s the price to pay for being one of them I guess.

So Chicago O’Hare will go down as one of my unfavorable airports. I never liked it in the first place; so big, yet so crowded and there’s nothing to do. No free WiFi either! I didn’t enjoy my 6 hours there today. Time to find a new route to fly in from.

This is also another reason why I hate crowded places. It makes things so slow and ineffectual and.. difficult. But the US is huge, so the problem might be mainly at airports, where Chinese dominate the field. You see Chinese everywhere you go. It’s ridiculous.

So, being me, I’m really never satisfied with anything. The US is big, so to get from places sometimes you fly, and I hate flying. Contrastingly, Singapore is so small and dense it’s so crowded there’s people everywhere.

Why do I complain so much?

I know. It’s one of the SIngaporean traits. Singaporeans complain about everything, even when a stall charges a customer 50 cents more for a different type of curry. Complaints can either be constructive and destructive, and I think the government of Singapore has responded in a way to make many complaints constructive. Sometimes, I find that perhaps it is fit to perhaps sacrifice a little bit of profit for the comfort of the whole. Thai politicians won’t recognize this. U.S. politicians should. We’ll see. There’re so many problems, and hence overwhelming amount of complaints, and voices easily get lost in the process. So I’ve learned to not rely on anybody anymore, and just change things on my side.

Maybe I can live on Mars.


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