0216 – Get up and go

Well well, flying off in less then 9 hours. I’m always on the move. It’s back to the US of A this time.

Some people are envious of my ‘international’, oft-flying ways, but it’s really nothing to be envious of. When you’re constantly on the move, there is suddenly no homey feeling, and no place of total comfort and familiarity. I frequently feel like there’s nowhere exactly that I fit in, and my life has more or less become a search for a place I can call home and a lifestyle I can be satisfied with. That is not easy.

Some of us are fortunate enough to be born into very happy family, live somewhere we love or discover things that we want to do. I’m not one of them.

I’ve grown more relaxed this year – perhaps influenced by the American easygoing ways. I’m letting myself play more games. I’m letting myself enjoy more interesting things on the internet and I’m hanging out with friends more. Life is not that bad either. Occasionally, I experience the post-fun stress, where I contemplate about life and feel like I’m kinda wasting my life away. As another summer comes to an end, I have kind of wasted my life away again. It really is ridiculous how I would come home with a full list of things that I want to finish but only get half of it done. Every single time.


I’m young. and I’m learning. I think I should forgive myself this time, eh? (On a side note, American English gets really boring sometimes. A little British English and Singlish add to life) Yes, I shall forgive myself. Not just gonna be a downer this time round.

I’ll get up and go. Go do what I need to do. Go achieve what I need to achieve. Go search for my home. And go seek the life that I wish to live.

Well.. time to jumpstart the new (academic) year, folks!


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