0214 – 'Imagine Peace'

I’ve never imagined myself voluntarily going to an art exhibition, but I somehow did. Imagine Peace’ is an art exhibition showcasing works from artists reflecting on the political upheaval in Thailand. I’ve decided to give it a shot after hearing about this particular piece by Kelvin Wong’s on the news. Overall, I didn’t understand it. lol. There were a lot of exhibits that I can *feel* were good, but I really am not an art person. Never understood the paintings, statues, murals and really deep poems. Contrastingly, words, if used simply enough, speak to me in a very powerful way, so Kelvin Wong’s ‘art’ is something special.

Click below for some of the pictures I took with my flimsy cell phone. Forgive my photography skills.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of it seems a little.. idealistic to me – conjured up by people in search of happiness and utopia. I, on the other hand, have established that such thing is not possible, and all I am currently trying to do is seek shelter and guidance from somewhere. Yet, this exhibit was something else. It is simple enough and succinct enough to speak on itself. It was the most interesting wall I’ve witnessed in a long time. It advertizes the seemingly simple concepts that some of us ask for, and that magnifies the extent of decay that the society, especially Thai.

Reading each page I feel that paper is being wasted and he should’ve used recycled paper. oh me. appreciation and hope. Somebody’s broadcasting this to the world, and even though not many eyes are paying much attention to the exhibit, at least I know somebody cares.


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