0213 – Reactions to my second home of Singapore Part I

Well well well, so I’m in Singapore now. For those in the U.S., it is somewhere in Asia, below Malaysia. It’s dubbed the ‘little red dot’. Tiny but powerful.

In a way, nothing, and everything, has changed.

I have a love-hate relationship with this country. I thought I wouldn’t miss it, but oh how I am wrong. 🙂

As soon as I arrived, the humidity, and stress, filled the air. Everything reminded me of the four prime years I spent here at the beloved Anglo-Chinese School (Independent). It’s been two years since I was last there, and it was weird stepping onto the island again. However, familiarity does breeds comfort and brings back old memories.

Traveling through the roads that I used to pass by every so often, I reminisced about the times I spent playing tennis, having fun, being the fun version of me. I smiled and laughed at the good ol’ times. I recalled the times where life used to be much more about the present and about having the best fun in life and a life that I won’t regret. I want it to still be like that.

I’ve changed a lot as I moved through ‘phases’ in life. Sometimes I wish that I can bring my old self back, but sometimes I wish that things can just fastforward along to a new phase – kinda like in Click (one of my favorites, btw). I’ve always kinda assimilated well to the local culture, and brought over some of the values and behaviors into another. It’s a mixed baggage. Pros and cons. Ups and downs. Just like life.

For a while, I’ve been searching for my true ‘home’; a place where I can settle down, work happily and have kids. It might not be Thailand, for what I know. But it might be Singapore. It just might. More about this later.


One thought on “0213 – Reactions to my second home of Singapore Part I

  1. pasinee August 14, 2010 / 10:22 am

    did you visit the astroturf yet? best place on earth. haha.

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