0210 – New Blog!

I ❤ WordPress. It being able to import my old entries from Livejournal  makes me extremely happy. So this is a new beginning, with the past tagging along dandily.

So I think as I age, I become more of an existentialist, hence the new blog address. The search for answers, for passion, for motivation, intensifies. Indeed, life becomes much more challenging as the day goes by. The lack of answer weighs heavier inside my heart as time slowly runs out. As a Buddhist, I have come to terms with death. I’m not afraid of death no longer. If it is my time to die, it is my time. Although, the horrors and the pain right before death are scary thoughts. I don’t know when I’m going to die. It may be tomorrow. It may be in a decade, or I may live to 120. Who knows. It is the most uncertain of uncertainties. The one thing I’d love to achieve before I die is to find my life’s purpose and at least live it for a while.

This existentialist ‘mission’ has brought great distress. Every single day, I ponder about why I am here and what I am supposed to do. I never get any answers. No divine interventions to uplift my spirit. I don’t know who I am. Why I am here, or why am I suffering so much. But.. I continue to ponder.

Hence I am moving to this new address, perhaps with a shift in focus towards existentialism – if that is at all possible considering how my previous blog was already all about that.

I’m on a journey, one that might not end in this life.

To infinity and beyond.


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