0207 – The Land of Smiles?

Well well it’s been in Thailand for a week and a half and I haven’t blogged yet. ridikulus.

So here I am in a country dubbed as the Land of Smiles – maybe for no longer. The world has heard of the tragedy that is the clash between the red shirts and the yellow shirts. I don’t know how much we changed as a country; lives in the outskirts of Bangkok, where I lived, seems usual and ordinary. The situation has died down, and Bangkok seems rather.. stable. Perhaps, it is the mental and the psychological impact that we don’t see. How much damage? Who knows. When will it end? Who knows. Anyway, amidst all this uncertainty and melancholy, the resilient Thais have resumed our quotidian lives. So I shall.

So, on the plane, the air hostess brought me Kit Kat and a ham and cheese muffin. I was nibbling on the muffin when the air hostess came back to collect the box. NOOOO. She took away my Kit Kat. Unacceptable. I called her and got my Kit Kat back. She had a good laugh. wutevs. I have my Kit Kat 😀

Also, food on Japan Airlines is amazing. Amazing, but the portion is really small. If you haven’t heard, I eat more than the average American, which is unusual for a small Asian. lol.

Next item on the list. Volunteer camp. I went to teach science to young kids in Chanthaburi. Slept on the floor of the classroom – easy target for mosquitoes. They feasted on me.

Lastly, reading ‘The Geography of Bliss’ by Eric Weiner. Doesn’t the title shout Pete Pete Pete? A good read for ‘grumps’ searching for happiness.

Andddd on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a 3. Haven’t been above 6 for a very long time I’d say.


One thought on “0207 – The Land of Smiles?

  1. girlspell July 7, 2010 / 2:50 pm

    Oh my…you’re back! How do you feel being home? After being in Singapore and then the US for a while, I bet it feels a little funny. I think Thailand has been quiet for a while. There is always a lull in Guerrilla warfare. It will probably pick up again. That’s the way it is. Not something for anyone to get used to, but I think most people there think it will happen again.
    I think you teaching science at a camp is wonderful. Education in Thailand is usually more by rote. I think you teaching them will help them understand it more. I haven’t red the Eric Weiner book, but I know it’s someone search for what makes people happy. So yes, it would shout your name.

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