0204 – Judgment

The Judgement. A very ‘interesting’ card in the Tarot deck. What’s the judgement?

Who judges our lives? Is there somebody above who judge our actions? Are we allowed to judge others?

The society and us all, through media and gossip respectively, has always been judgmental, putting immense pressure on some. Do we have the right to do that?

On one hand, we are entitled to our own opinions – for sure. but keep it to yourself will ya? and euphemisms are there for a reason too. I’m pretty judgmental myself. I have my own beliefs and opinions on things, but others do too. It’s very depressing for me and for some others to be subjected to judgment. It’s enough to be judged by myself. I’m usually my harshest critic – and source of depression. Probably don’t need others top add to that.

On a brighter note, a quadruple birthday bash tonight! should be fun! =)


4 thoughts on “0204 – Judgment

  1. girlspell June 13, 2010 / 12:06 am

    4 birthdays? If one of them is yours, happy birthday!
    As for the Tarot card, I’d be happy to get that and not the Tower.

    • existentiallife June 13, 2010 / 6:43 am

      Haha my birthday is in October. It’s for four of my friends.
      Well I wouldn’t wanna get the Tower either. I haven’t done anything related to Tarot cards in a longgggg time. How’s life been in MD?

      • girlspell June 13, 2010 / 5:11 pm

        Very hot and stormy. Typical weather for the middle atlantic states.
        I hope school is going well. I once pulled the tower in a tarot game with my husband. My husband’s mouth hung open, so I knew it was a doozy. But that was several years ago, and no one has stabbed me in the back, robbed me, stalked me, etc. Nothing has fallen on me. Not ruined finacally. And world wat 3 did not happen. So maybe the tower was in a good mood.

      • existentiallife June 13, 2010 / 5:18 pm

        it’s hot and humid and stormy over here too. i’m taking summer classes, but i’ll get to go home soon! it’s gonna over a 100 F back home, I’m gonna go crazy!

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