0200 – A shift in tone

200th post! My posts have been rather depressing lately. Let’s just change things up a little bit.

I’ve played a lot of Smash lately. and a lot of Wii. and doing a lot of pointless things. along with studying. like a normal college kid, right?

And… THE FRENCH OPEN IS ON. Sports pumps me up. so much. But it sucks too, when your favorite team keeps losing. But I’m telling you what. Nadal’s gonna win French Open and Wimbledon. The RED WINGS ARE GONNA BE CHAMPS NEXT YEAR. Michigan Wolverines will be champions AGAIN!

College life isn’t so stressful after all. It’s supposed to be the best time of my life, ain’t it? I’m not making very good use of it right now. So many people’ve been telling me to enjoy it while I’m young. I’ve always wanted to be an adult, and at this age of 19, I’m already thinking maybe it won’t be too bad if I don’t grow up at all. Pete = Peter Pan?

Youth is awesome.


4 thoughts on “0200 – A shift in tone

  1. areugiddy October 4, 2007 / 8:33 am

    yea paper 2 sure DIE.
    they will punish us for doing that crap paper 1

  2. shaunang October 4, 2007 / 9:34 am

    Don’t worry there’s calculator! And a shitload of vectors…

    • existentiallife October 5, 2007 / 1:46 pm

      I thought you dont like paper with calculators too!

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