0199 – The 'science' of religion?

Science and religion haven’t really mixed well together, or has it? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism_and_science has some interesting discussions. I’ve learned a lot of things from elder monks when I was under their guidance. It’s difficult to believe that when somebody dies, his bones can turn into crystal. I guess religion never comes without faith. After all, we all do need something to cling on to, something to provide structure to your life, be it religion or something else?

I ask a lot of questions, and sometimes you don’t get a lot of answers with regards to religion. But when you get in on the inside, and you hear stories about how your teacher has achieved the blissfulness that you have yearned for, you sometimes just know that religion is sacred, and religion is no joke, scientific or otherwise.

I know that people of all religion believe strongly in their religion. People of faith are rightful people of faith. We are entitled to our own beliefs. Nobody is superior. Nobody is wrong. It’s… the diversity of religion. So share with me your stories!


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