0198 – The thing called brain

It always amazes what your brain chooses to remember. The most fun. The defining moments of your lives. The most horrific, excruciating moments. The things you want to forget the most.

I’ve never been able to remember things from the past, especially the tiny details. I don’t particularly cling to the past, but I often find myself daydreaming nostalgically about the days that have long gone. The infant days, the high school life, the days where my brain wasn’t so active.

As I grow older, faced with more responsibilities, my brain just thinks about more and more things. I probably killed many of my brain cells with stress. It’s amazing how much stress that thing can take, really.

We all have different things that we care about, and choose to go about taking care of these things differently. I’ve had a lot of input from a lot of people to my blog entries. Much appreciated, guys. But you know, it’s all in my mind. I haven’t been able to figure my life out; I don’t know what I want, why I’m here, what do I care about, and why I’m suffering through ‘education’. I’ve been able to relax more and play a lot of games and not feel too guilty about it later. I’ve taken my mind off a lot of things and live the present.

But I’m not happy.

There’re things about me that I need to change. Behaviors that I need to get rid of. Kilesa that I have to overcome. The internal struggle continues.

Well you know what, I’ve fought for 19 years. I’m gonna continue to fight, and support whoever has a more difficult fight than mine.


3 thoughts on “0198 – The thing called brain

  1. scentimental September 30, 2007 / 1:54 am

    HAHA. sorry la pete. i couldnt find all my enya songs that day. i got 8 more now i think. cos i deleted those songs that sounded too much alike. 😀
    and ah i hope chloe makes up for it. christine nurul n i are addicted to her voice, lol. it’s very peaceful. good for mugging, no? 😀

      • scentimental September 30, 2007 / 9:27 am

        you bad taste sia. :/
        HAHA! (:

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