0196 – Reevaluating life

Life changes in the most amazing of ways. You never thought you’d change. You thought you’re sure about your life. Then come the unexpected. As long as you keep thinking, you learn so much.

I found out about Sir Ken Robinson, a champion of creativity and educational reform: www.youtube.com/watch. This might just become my biggest goal in life thus far.

Education does kill creativity. I am usurped into the system where rote memorization and conformity are the two biggest assets that leads to success in the system. That’s just not fair, is it? Come to think of it, we’re almost entrapped here, oppressed from the freedom of expression and carefree exploration that we are entitled to.

How do we fight? How do a hundred supporters fight against the system that has been in place for so long?

I ponder about these things.

Life brings its challenges like that. You know it makes me realize that indeed I might be here for a reason, and I should start believing that. We all should.

I’m different, to say the least. I don’t enjoy partying. I don’t enjoy dancing. I don’t even enjoy music that much, just at times. I can’t even take those I’m-so-happy-all-the-time-the-world’s-beautiful type of people; they’re too happy for me. I don’t really belong anywhere, and that makes living life difficult. Ain’t I different? I sometimes wonder if I’m born in the wrong era.

Then as I was in the midst of elevating stress levels because I don’t know who I am and where I should be, life changes again. Goals start to shift, and priorities start to change, in the most unexpected way. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing. What it shows is that life is uncertain, and we all change all the time. Even the most certain of circumstances or beliefs is bound to change.

As I sit and blog about this, I realize that I know shit about life, and, unlike life, that may never change.

Now I’m wondering: how do I find the courage and ability to do what I know I want to do? and how do I remain uniquely and differently me, without being lost in the society?


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