0187 – Does the world control you?

It was just another ordinary day when I realized how much the world has over me. I choose clothes that I’ll look good in. I sometimes don’t be myself so people won’t find me repulsive. I don’t do stuff that will make people think I’m weird. I try so hard to be accepted. I try so hard to be liked. I’m being controlled.

I’d like to say this: we might not know it, but we definitely are being controlled by others, believe it or not.

Somehow personal freedom comes to mind. Are we really exercising the personal freedom that our ancestors have painstakingly fought for? Why do we care so much about what the world thinks and how the world will react?

Is it in the nature of men to try to be accepted? There’re many experiments going on regarding social exclusion right now. Is it in the nature of men to judge others? Why does the society judge? Everything that comes out – in newspaper, internet, radio, everywhere – gets judges, and that’s put tremendous amount of pressure and stress on me, and maybe you too.

My friend once made a passing remark that hatred is an inherent trait of men. Very very sad, and very very likely true.

Damn I don’t like this post.


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