0182 – Getting there.

As I live each day in the US of A, my perception starts to change. Is it the new environment? The new culture? The new culture? Or maybe just me reacting to change?

Things happen differently here. The weather sucks. Heck, it’s freezing. People talk about god-knows-what. People love lousy Asian food. Heck, people even talk to me because of my name. It’s a different experience all together. Things move quickly around here sometimes, yet it gets inefficient as hell at just the right moment. I have so many things to do (do not blame it on my signing up for too many different activities), and having time to blog is just awesome – such a relief too. This blog’s getting awfully quiet.

As much as I want people to all help each other and the world to be at peace, our egos are too big. We all live our own life. We’re not living the world’s life. Naturally, we want the best for ourselves. I want the best for myself. Not my ideal mindset here, but I’m liking it. I compete with people. I do things to get myself ahead, and that’s necessary sometimes. Nobody’s gonna push you; they’re too busy pushing themselves. Push yourself. That’s the way to go.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not the best, but I’m somewhere around the top. I wouldn’t settle for no less I’m telling ya. I am fighting. I am pushing myself.

The only thing about this mindset is that you SHOULD and could potentially be doing some meaningful stuff all the time, even in like spring break – which sucks. Furthermore, stress. is. there. freaking. all. the. time. College life is overrated.

Still, I’m gonna push myself. My friends don’t think I’m living my life right, but I’m gonna do this. I know I can do so well. Oh I know, and I’m gonna get there. I’m gonna get there.


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