0177 – Fate

Is there such a thing?

My organic chemistry lecturer, with a funny and quirky personality, told this story. In this experiment, each student was given a solid unknown and was supposed to walk around to find another person with the same compound. She said, "In all my fifteen years teaching this class, I can guarantee you that this experiment has resulted in one marriage. It’s true. They met during this experiment. It’s on their website for the longest time."

You see, this is how to make learning fun.

Regardless of its truthfulness, it was a lighthearted story that brightens up my day. I love this teacher.

Anyway, so is this merely a coincidence, or is it fate? Unanswerable, perhaps. Yet, what else can I attribute my being here in America, my getting a scholarship, my being in this tumultuous journey to?

I believe in fate.

A question that is asked very often in personality quizzes is "Do you believe you have total control over your life?"

I often say no. Sometimes I say yes. It depends on the moment. I am not quite sure of myself.

If one think fate controls one’s life, it’s easy to just blame fate for everything that has gone wrong. I’ve experienced this. However, sometimes, we just have unrealistic expectations that only good things should happen to us. One bad break, we moan and groan.

We also sometimes don’t try hard enough. When things fail, we have fate to blame those failures on. I’m a Buddhist but I’ve heard this Christian phrase, "God helps those who helps themselves."

I blame things on fate too. I ask "Why must this happen to me?" I ask "Why am I feeling this way?" I ask "Why can’t I do this?" I ask "Why am I suffering so bad?"

Little quip: Nobody dies a virgin. Life screws us all.

But you know what, I’m going to try to fight harder. I’m fighting hard already, but maybe hard is not enough.

So don’t give up. Don’t quit. Because this is your one life, one love, one lifetime.


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