0167 – The convolutions of life

Will anyone disagree that life is convoluted?

There are many challenges surrounding us. Some of us have less problems than others. Some of us are better than others at dealing with these challenges. I happen to fall under the ‘others’ category for both.

First of all, academic challenge. Literature. Physics. Arts. Music. Social sciences. Philosophy. Never ending.

What I want to focus more on is real-world challenges. There are so many life challenges facing me. Some of the challenges I unneccessarily get myself in. Some of them I’m willing to be in, some of them not.

But do we really have a choice? Is it destiny? Fate? What’s the difference between destiny and fate anyway. They’re both beyond human control.

I’ll not get into the topic of how/why we are given unequal problems to solved and unequal problem-solving abilities. It’s more convoluted than convoluted.

Anyhow, back to challenges. Challenges are everywhere. Some of us actually go through them without realizing it. Yet, some of us who are more sensitive and less versatile than others feel the full effects of challenges, be they depression, anxiety, apprehension, anger, loneliness, emoness, heavy heart or some other inexplicable feelings. They suck, but I gotta suck them up.

You know, when a conflict occurs, I like to talk to both parties, and I put myself in a precarious position in which I find very difficult to extricate myself from. What I say matters, and it’s hard to determine what to tell the other party. Now I really know why third-party mediators rarely work.

People call me a pessimist. Well yeah maybe I am. But it’s hard for me to remain optimistic when I get sulky everytime I face problems. I can’t be happy all the time. That’s who I am. At least I’m glad that perhaps, I’ve gotten through some of the problems that I’ve faced, and helped some people along the way.

I hope that I can be stronger, face my challenges, and in the process mature and garner lifelong friendships.


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