0161 – Controversy

My teacher said that the US of A is a ‘very litigious society’. There is no such thing as a gray area here. It’s either black or white. Is that right?

My teacher led discussions about abortion and Euthanasia the other day. These issues trouble me because I can never form a definitive opinion about any of them. I’m just in the gray area. These issues are very cumbersome and weighty and no matter how hard I think, the only definitive thing I can come up with is that there will NEVER be an agreement on these issues. It’s like.. designed to stir resentment and conflict. It’s difficult to convince others to take up your point of view, because these issues are very… sensitive and deep issues that one’s passion and personality are the main deciding factors.

It confuses me just to think about this. The world’s a complicated place.


6 thoughts on “0161 – Controversy

  1. nirasha July 19, 2007 / 1:20 pm

    SO BAD.

      • nirasha July 19, 2007 / 1:25 pm

        okay Pete. don’t forget ah. A.A.T.G

  2. girlspell July 19, 2009 / 5:38 pm

    Politically, very true. The lines are drawn quite clearly. The party in control (the Democrats) are pro choice. The Republicans are pro life. There have movements of “common ground” sort of trying to meet half way. But the fact is you’re categorized either pro choice or pro life. I’m pro choice (women tend to be) while my husband is pro life (most men tend to be). There are lines drawn by age. Young people are more pro choice, while older people are more pro life. There was a time abortion was illegal. Although De Facto abortions have been done since the dawn of time. I think most people are in the gray area for one reason. Americans believe very strongly that government should not interfere with people’s lives. For this very reason abortion became legal. Republicans don’t believe in government interference except for “moral reasons” Therefore government can order a woman to reproduce. Much the same way China can order a woman not to reproduce. Either way, the two side will never reach an agreement.

    • existentiallife July 19, 2009 / 6:26 pm

      Yeah, NEVER an agreement. but interesting arguments get thrown back and forth anyway. it boggles my mind. and USA is indeed a free country huh. People can criticize Obama so derogatively and openly!

      • girlspell July 19, 2009 / 7:24 pm

        The core of our country is Free Speech. Always. You can critize the government all the time, be it TV, press, Radio or internet. Freedom is a huge factor in our country being established. It sets us apart from other governments.

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