0150 – Small missteps

You know, I just don’t know what I’m doing here, and why there’re so many things I don’t understand. Life is damn freaking enigmatic, and it kills me sometimes to sit here clueless and upset about my being. And all these while, unpredictable thoughts enter my mind at unpredictable times.

Well, at least I know that things in life can change quickly and unexpectedly. I compare it to walking along those curvy paths to the top of the mountains. One just start at ground zero, and slowly makes his way up, trying to reach the very pinnacle, the ultimate goal. Sometimes one stumbles and falls back to lower ground, and sometimes one is dragged down. Sometimes, one can make a really really big misstep and fall off the cliff. However, the thing is, one doesn’t fall off into an abyss; one simply plunges, however sharply, to a lower level. So, with attitude and determination, it’s always okay and possible to restart!

On the other hand, sometimes when we misstep, someone walks by and offers a hand to pull one up. That’s what friendship is about.

Well, I reckon I haven’t made any big missteps yet, but I’ve tripped countless times – ’emotional’ trips. There aren’t many big rocks or anything; I just magnify and multiply them rocks, and make myself fall. How then, can somebody save me? Cam somebody save me from myself?

Tonight is one of the nights where a small rock seems gigantic.

It’s like when you’re happy the path seems much wider, and when you’re sad the path is so narrow you always fear that you’re gonna fall. Perception changes quickly.

We can change quickly. Many of us do. Some of us don’t have that gift.

Oh how I wish I change quickly too.


3 thoughts on “0150 – Small missteps

  1. scentimental June 17, 2009 / 3:28 am

    you lousy boy! when i was talking to you last night, why didn’t you mention anything!!!!!!!! i’m here what!

    • existentiallife June 17, 2009 / 11:09 am

      oh it happened after that. hahaha.
      you see. i suck.

      • notepadd June 18, 2009 / 7:44 am

        aww you don’t suck! Just stuck in a moment you can’t get out of. (: I have a quote about life but I wrote it down and it’s not with me. I will share with you next time!
        And there’s nothing wrong with not changing quickly. Because I think if we do, we’ll lose ourselves quickly too.

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