0146 – What do you know?

If you were to guess one thing about your previous life, what will it be? Give me the reason as well.

Well, as for me, based on the rule of karma (simply what you did is what you receive), I’d say I probably tried to chop off someone’s little toe, or maybe try to gash it. The reason is that in this life, i keep getting my pinky toe injured for some mysterious reasons. It’s probably bled for like 5 times already. and the funny thing is that every time itrip or brush my feet against something hard, my little toe takes the most damage. every time.

not just coincidence is it?

i say… karma rule does stand. You won’t believe it until you know it.


Just got myself Twitter =) let’s see if i get addicted to it. Paula Creamer is there! =)


Well well. Serena is out. Surprise there.  This tournament is crazy. I tell ya, if Federer doesn’t win this, he really really has to dig himself a whole and stay in there until Wimbledon.

Life is unpredictable.


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