0135 – The inevitable

Looks like my brain thrives the most during strife.

Believe it or not, there’ll always be something you can’t control. Destiny, luck and time govern our lives. The best one can do is to make sure we are prepared to fight whatever is thrown at us. Sometimes the inevitable is there for a reason. It’s there for us to evolve.

One may wonder why is one being ‘gifted’ with such strife. I used ‘gifted’ because strife is a gift really; you learn from them and you’re never too old to learn. Nobody wants strife, but we have no choice. It’s inevitable. It always seem initially so horrifying, so interminable, so scarring, so indelible that you really want to run away. But no! That’s not what we’re born to do. We’re born to fight! Some people have it better by being mature when strife tackles them. Some people learn the hard way when strife attacks when they’re so naive and young and helpless. I feel sorry for those people. (Read Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. It’s a bloody awesome book!) Every figment of thought and array of emotions are woven into a spirit, uniquely so I might add. I like to believe that there is the fighter capability within every spirit; we can fight. We sometimes just decide to run away instead. One can run deep inside and suffer excruciating emotional trauma, or one may run away physically to a land far far away, carrying a cumbersome and permanently scarred heart with him forever. Neither option does render the inevitable avertible.

It’s really hard for me because I know it’s easier than me, and I know this is probably for the best. Yet for another tender being so naive, I cannot help but desultorily questioning whether she deserves this. We are not to question; we are to accept and learn.

Everyday you see people suffering from absolute poverty, people suffering from AIDS, people lacking sanitation, people being bought as slaves. You know you have a better life than them, but you don’t really care – yes, believe me, you don’t really care – because they’re not suffering the same fate as you are. But when you have someone, a little less sophisticated perhaps, besides you going through the same thing but suffering worse, you suddenly realize that your ‘life is not fair’ rant is bullshit and nonsensical and that life is never fair.

So, the inevitable… will always be inevitable. Life is too short for interminable complaints. Learning how to cope with the inevitable. That is the key.

May we be blessed with strength and clarity of mind.

And I hope… that all will turn out well.

Sighhh. I will pray. I don’t normally pray for things to happen because I think we really have to help ourselves, but sometimes, we need divine strength for us to pull through. A little faith won’t hurt.

To cap off with one of the best quotes:

‘There’s no shop that sells kindness; you must build it from within. You can transplant hearts, but you cannot transplant a warm heart’

The Dalai Lama


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