0133 – Learning to accept.

In those personality tests, I always chose the option that goes something like ‘I always strongly defend my opinion.’ That translates to ‘I am stubborn and I think I’m right.’

I have very strong, independent views. I don’t like ceremonies and traditions. I don’t like people who ask too many questions, yet I don’t like people who don’t plan well enough. I don’t like people who don’t care about the environment. I don’t like people who criticize me. I don’t like the way Buddhists go to temple only when they have bad luck. That’s just not right!

One thing I think everyone will agree to is the fact that every being is unique. Unfortunately or otherwise, diversity is a frequent corollary of uniqueness. We do things differently. People’s opinions differ. We have different pet peeves. We are passionate about different things. Our abilities to bargain differ as well. lol. Lastly, but nowhere near the least, people are given different degrees of tolerance.

So sometimes diversity is good. It invites you into a whole new world unseen in your own perspective. Getting to look at things at a different light can be a life-changer. Forcing oneself to, perhaps just momentarily at first, accept the notion that one’s opinion is wrong fuels up this desire to prove oneself – a desire full of power, full of determination. Something potent, really. That’s because man is always the strongest when his dignity, and passion (which to me includes love) is at risk. Then, with the realization that you’re in fact wrong, the whole fire dims and fizzles away, leaving an embarrassed, stunned and bruised ego. Astonishingly, I don’t stop there. I continue to believe that I’m right. Though I can’t convince others, I remain steadfast in my belief. Such is the faith I have in my mind.

Naturally as an I-am-always-right kind of guy it’s gonna irk me when I see people doing things the way I don’t want them to be done. As for those different cultures and ideologies, they are of course interesting and nice to know about. But for those that I’m familiar with, I find it extremely hard to fathom different ways and opinions people take. I never really tried to force my ideals onto others, because I respect the freedom of choice. I just find it impossible to find a point in actions and opinions that are, to me, pointless.

What do I do in this kind of situation? My mind is now left addled and heavy. Now I ask for strength. I will find strength. I need strength to love everyone. I need strength to value difference of opinions and beliefs. I need strength to love to be a part of this diverse world.

Because diversity is a delicately perplexing issue, and without diversity, life would be lackluster and utterly boring you would almost wish you are dead.

Love. Let’s love.


4 thoughts on “0133 – Learning to accept.

  1. Anonymous June 12, 2007 / 10:51 am

    Phad Thai is nice!

  2. nirasha June 13, 2007 / 11:08 am

    i spy another phad thai buddy!
    good shit
    thats AMAZING

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