0130 – What has our world evolve into?

Why are planes/flying objects (just to include that helicopter) crashing every few days!

Watching the news is rather somber. Totally off-putting.

Swindling money… Teenager killing children… Abuses… Genocides… Kidnaps….

Aren’t there any good news in this world?

(Incidentally, I happen to think that CNN reporters joking with each other during their news broadcasts are cute. CNN > BBC anytime. I never like BBC. Besides, the CNN broadcast is clearer at my place. HAHAHAH)

With all these, I wonder how I can resist the urge to run away.

Life’s been hard. Extreme boredom is hard to handle, believe it or not. Extreme dullness and I-have-nothing-to-do syndrome hurt me emotionally more than anyone else. I can’t bear the pain of wastage. Maybe it’s a Scorpio thing (I tend to use that as an excuse a lot.) or maybe it’s just me.

One thing for certain, I’ve possessed that Scorpio desire for independence. I hate not being to travel out on my own. I hate relying on other people to help me. So, for once, I tried to take the Thai public bus. Boy it was an experience. I was literally crammed from all sides, squeezed into a space in which I can’t even move my feet. lol. And sometimes the handrails aren’t enough for balance. It’s an art form. lol. There should be a course on ‘how to balance yourself on a public bus’. Anyway, an hour later, I got off, all hot and sweaty. I then thought "Boy if this is the kind of life the not-so-rich Thais lead, they certainly have it the rough way."

Endurance and acceptance are what’s required of us humans. We need to learn how to accept our way of life, learn how to heal our own wounds, learn how to move on. And if you’re down, you’re not god so you cannot just go and kill 18 people just because you are ‘fed up of life’! Bloody hell!

Such egos we have. Killing 18 people to satiate your emotional stress? What has our world evolve into?

Hope is so so so dim. Perhaps I can forgive myself for not seeing hope at all. The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away.

All I ask, or hope rather,… is for everyone to care about others. Just a little bit, because we humans can’t bear to not care about themselves. Just a little bit. Think of others.

Anyway, what difference does it make? I’m just an 18-year-old teen. I’m not a perfect guy. I’m mean, I’m egocentric, I have targets for myself, I’m selfish. But I do try my very very best not to hurt anyone in my endeavors.

Hope. Oh I wish I can hope.


2 thoughts on “0130 – What has our world evolve into?

  1. cb_s March 12, 2009 / 10:48 pm

    I have bin reafing about the shcool shooting in germany and the shooting in alabama.
    its really really weird… u hjave 2 wonder why its happening.
    ban gun altogether except hunting rifles. maybe its the only way.

    • existentiallife March 13, 2009 / 9:26 am

      Yeah I guess. And by the way, I’m a feminist and I think that the Chris Brown kind of cases are becoming too common in our world. The world’s a cruel cruel place. lol. The only thing that makes sense in this world is tennis. hahaha.

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