0129 – Running away from it all

After a prolonged absence from blogging, trying to blog again seems near-impossible. The mental block, the lack of clarity, the perpetual confusion make this ever more challenging.

Running Away From It All… It’s never easy to stand and face life’s challenges. It’s almost an instinct that one chooses the path with the least resistance. Even electricity does so. Fluids do so. What difference do they have to humans like us? We like comfort, easiness, simplicity. Perhaps the phrase "Seek simplicity and distrust it" does not merely refer to the fact that simplicity never encompasses and fails to consider the nuances in our lives, but also to the obscure truth that simplicity never really does us any good. Let you walk freely, and you learn nothing. Let you walk over traps and mines, you learn how to watch yourself.

Alas, how can we overcome the inherent instinct to seek simplicity? It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to actually do so. Some of us suffer hysteria from the very sight of obstacles, be them emotional, physical or perhaps virtual. Overcoming the intense fear is but momentous. Courage, wisdom, clarity, humility – each of them difficult to obtain on its own – are perhaps some of the traits required to know when to tackle, and when to run away.

Running away isn’t all that bad. Running buys time. Running gives you the opportunity to introspect and explore your heart, your instincts, your deep deep fear and restlessness that won’t go away. Running away makes you realize that you’re running in the wrong direction. Running away allows you to deliberate how it is best to tackle whatever you ran away from.

However, don’t run for too long. Time and tide don’t wait so long!

Should I run?


Mannn. Just as I thought my blog was starting to look like one of a 19-year-old carelessly enjoying living life. lol. Maybe I don’t want it to look like that. but making it looks like this gives me a very cumbersome emotional burden.


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