0127 – Saddest thing in a longg time

My friend offered me free tickets to see Paula Creamer and Suzanne Pettersen at the end of the week, but I WILL BE IN SINGAPOREEEE.


We all have something that means a lot to us but means shit to other people. This is it for me. I like this girl, Paula Creamer, more than I do Venus, Dementieva or any other celebrity on earth. Sobs.

Must be the end of my luck spell indeed. Queen of Dracaenas gone! 😦

I am depressed.


6 thoughts on “0127 – Saddest thing in a longg time

  1. girlspell February 22, 2009 / 5:29 pm

    I’m ashamed to admit, I don’t know who Paula Creamer (or for that matter, Suzanne Patterson) Andy Murray’s sister?…hahhahahaha! Seriously, I’ll have to look her up. What it her game like?

    • existentiallife February 22, 2009 / 5:34 pm

      Hahah. She’s golfer! I don’t expect you to know her 🙂
      I swear when I’m in the states I am going to hunt tennis players down and get their signatures. lol. do you have any?
      And long time no chat! Nice to hear from you 🙂 Busy working?

      • girlspell February 22, 2009 / 5:48 pm

        Golfer? *hits head desk* I should have known. Duh…I don’t know any of the women golfers. My husband does, though. I’ll ask him about her. I do watch the men. I’m a fan of Tiger and Phil. I’ll still look her up.
        Yep, still working and very business. We had a scare, because of budget crunches in the US, I was in danger of losing my job. I still have my job, but I have to take a day furlough. That means a day off with out pay. Oh well…I’m happy I still have a job.

      • existentiallife February 22, 2009 / 5:55 pm

        Oh… Wow. Tough times for us all. We’ll get through this! Glad you still have your job! Does UMBC get funding from the Maryland govt?

  2. girlspell February 22, 2009 / 6:27 pm

    Yes they do. We have two types of schools in Maryland (and the rest of the country) Public, which gets funds through the taxpayers, and private schools which gets funds through gifts, endowments,etc from alumnus. Higher education is the whipping boy of taxes. First to get cut if things are not doing well.

    • existentiallife February 22, 2009 / 7:18 pm

      Well I hope Maryland’s doing better than California! Economy’s pretty bad here in Thailand too.

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