0126 – Lady luck

Some things shouldn’t be mentioned so publicly. If you take out getting on wrong buses and walking the wrong way out of the equation, lady luck has been on my side recently. I got what I shouldn’t have. lol. And for that, I thank you, lady luck. Maybe I deserve it? lol. Whatever.

I’m just grateful, and happy. very happy.

I’m really really grateful that I’m having a good spell of life lately. It serves to remind me that maybe I shouldn’t be so negative all the time.

Life is beautiful when you say it’s beautiful.

Due to the fact that uncertainty is the only certainty, sometimes the only expectation you should have is that life is uncertain, and that you’ll be given what you’ll be given. Inner peace, calmness and love are traits that have deserted me in adverse circumstances, and learning trying to win them back involves accepting the fact that life never goes your way all the time.



Mann I can’t believe I forgot to talk about my Queen of Dracaenas. This plant rarely blooms; sometimes it takes ten years to do so. Due to this fact, Thais have the belief that the blooming of the Queen of Dracaenas signify that you’re on a spell of good fortune. In fact, the tree is called ‘wadsana’ , meaning good fortune. So, if one is very lucky, the flower may bloom every two years or every three year or so.

I have four ‘Queen of Dracaenas’es at my place. Now, my parents said of all the years at my house (around 15 years I guess), the Queen of Dracaenas has never bloomed. lol. And guess what! It just bloomed!!! I was so so happy!

Pictures! Now, they are extremely difficult to take because it’s a night blooming flower, so the lighting is horrible. Couple that with a lousy photographer and you get horrible pictures.

Evening shots, slightly better.


They’re so beautiful. I was SOOO obsessed about them. Hahahahah. Aren’t they just beautiful? Love them so much. It’s like a treasure to me, one that has come, and gone. I MISS YOU QUEEN OF DRACAENAS!!!

Sadly and unfortunately :), the flower bloomed for like five days, then they died. LOL. They died down today, right after I’ve gotten a very important lucky break yesterday. Makes me think that we all have a limit of luck that we may have in a lifetime. Some are blessed with more luck, some with less. But the thing is we have to learn how to accept what has been given to us, and make the best of what we have. That is an accomplishment of a lifetime. I wanna be a part of the few that have been able to accomplish so. We shall see if I manage. 🙂

Digression again,

this kinda adds to my love of nature. More flowers.

These are all of the flowers that bloom in my house from time to time 🙂 Loved them. 🙂

Maybe I should become a gardener. lol.



5 thoughts on “0126 – Lady luck

  1. notepadd February 21, 2009 / 4:13 am

    i don’t see the pictures! :\

    • existentiallife February 21, 2009 / 4:31 am

      omg I don’t see mine too!
      Can you help me check your previous entries? I think LJ picture server is not working or sth. It was working last night!

    • existentiallife February 21, 2009 / 4:32 am

      Ok I can’t see your old pictures too. LJ server down probably. Let’s hope the pictures dont go away :/

      • notepadd February 21, 2009 / 12:17 pm

        I see your pictures! (: the flowers are so cute! haha. the small small lucky ones. (: I have a money plant at home and if it bear flowers it means that I’ll have a windfall soon! But have never seen any flowers. ): hahaha.

      • existentiallife February 21, 2009 / 12:20 pm

        yay the pics are back! 🙂
        lol well we all aren’t so rich yet. only spend money 😦
        when’re your classes starting! excited??

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