0121 – Yes, chief?

Oh Gee… Just as I want to post this, LJ goes under maintenance.

And Oh Gee Geena Davis, your portrayal of Mackenzie Allen in Commander in Chief is top-notch. You rock!

I just watch a couple of episodes from the series featuring the fictional first ‘Madame President’, Mackenzie Allen, of the Uninted States. I tried to search for a nice clip from YouTube, but found ’embarrasing moments of Bush’ instead. lol.

Have you ever thought of being President? Or maybe someone great – somebody who the world looks up to?

I mean, some people say they shy away from the limelight, but who doesn’t want fame and respect? To me, it’s the case of whether you’re natural at it, or you’re not; just like what Becca, the daughter, said in the series.

It must feel good to be in charge and to be appreciated. The episode I watched today was one in which President Allen prevented the country from a nuclear war with North Korea. Big decisions made around the clock. The brain put under pressure 24 hours a day. Conflicts, fights, compromises, disagreements, politics. Oh, boy. I can’t imagine being in her shoes.

Moreover, it’s tough for the family too. With their mommy gone and with the media ready to attack them once they falter, their lives change forever. Now I’m starting to pity the young Obamas. They must feel uncomfortable. Not even their father, who sacrificed his time for the country, would understand the sacrifice that his daughters made for their daddy. Yet, it’s one sacrifice that they would cherish once they age; they will remember how great their daddy was, and they will cry, out of pride that they are Obamas.

The decisions we make everyday affect others in way we’d never imagine. How can we make everyone happy at the same time? That’s not possible. Part of coexisting peacefully together in this world manifest mutual sacrifices. To acknowledge that maybe we don’t need help as much as the farmers, or maybe that we should try to help others instead of always thinking about ourselves all the time, is the act of a citizen worthy of a place in this crowded crowded world.

Maybe I don’t deserve this place, do I? Am I doing anything right? Am I making sacrifices? I guess I’ll never be comfortable with all these questions, because we have an inherent, embedded dark side – or according to Jung, the ‘shadow’ that we choose to ignore. (more about that to come in the next post – I’m reading Tarot now!) Never mind about worldly demons – there are too many for me. Until I can conquer my inner demons, I won’t feel that I deserve to be here.

I have no idea why Americans don’t like Commander-in-Chief. Ratings keep falling and falling until the last episodes, which were primarily dealing with the ERA. WHY? Men stop watching? ERA should trigger media interests! So, this series ends just after one season with a cliffhanger. I won’t know if the ERA gets passed. sad. I feel sad. SAD. I hate cliffhangers. LOL.

Anyway, this series has shed many lights for me in terms of the challenges of the presidential team. As if dealing with personal problems isn’t enough, they have to deal with the staffing issues, the media, foreign policy, economy, domestic policy and God knows what. Being President would be cool, but I can’t pull it off. People who can are truly geniuses and sharp-witted men that form a rare minority in our world.

So…. I’ll say…  Give the President a break. He can’t make 183 good decisions everyday! And remember, sacrifice.

(Oh, you may still laugh at Bush. I’ll gladly join you.)

I think my entries now miss a vital element that I fail to grasp. It seems so distant to me. So mundane, so normal. I don’t like it at all. God this is killing me.


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