0117 – Responsibilities.

Just a little excerpt from Reader’s Digest written by Kathleen Kennedy, daughter of JFK.

"Just as we honoured those who had died, it was also wise to remember that we must live for those who were still with us. Our sadness didn’t give us an excuse for endless solitude, for retreat from life’s challenges. As Mother Jones, the great unionactivist of the early 20th century, put it: "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.""

Responsibility is a hard-earned quality. As a teenager, I still have no idea how hard it is for adults to handle all their responsibilities. Well certainly it looks hard. As Kathleen Kennedy put, one cannot simply ‘retreat’ away. One gotta fight to the very end.

I keep lamenting how I want independence and how I seek freedom, but will I be able to handle the responsibilities? Now, as an older brother, I am already failing. She’s one of those that speak before they think – very easily irritated, easily . I tried to advice her, to teach her, but she just pushed me away every time! She is also egocentric sometimes – she’s always right, everything’s about her. That’s no good, isn’t it. I admit I am like her sometimes, but I’m trying to control. She doesn’t know she’s in the wrong. She’ll be arguing and raising her voice against my parents, and against ME (she does it so often), and she’ll be like "What’d I do!" I’ve tried the soft and calm approach, but it doesn’t work. I’m out of swords.

Enough about my life. I’ll talk in generic terms now.

Let’s bring back the phrase: "it was also wise to remember that we must live for those who were still with us."

Most of us are just so so egocentric most of the time, unintentionally so. Every time we have troubles, we think our troubles are wayyyyy biggg, and that our troubles are the most important. We indeed don’t remember that there are those who might be in deeper pain, or those who might be in pain from seeing us in pain.

Life is just wayyy complex; I get a mental block thinking about this. Well, I have nothing to say. lol. I’ve slightly lost my ability to think, or so I think. I’m not as good pondering these unanswerable issues. I’ve gotta get out to the world. I’m staying home 24 hours a day. lol. I gotta go out!!!!! But I have no friends, and nowhere to go. -pouts

(Or maybe… I just ask to many questions? lol)


One thought on “0117 – Responsibilities.

  1. look2moo January 28, 2009 / 6:15 pm

    you have a friend, at least!! hahaha
    this post is useful for me, i suppose..
    let’s go to wat prakaew!

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