0116 – The Story of Day 5, Australian Open 2009.

Take your picks:

Which is the bigger story – Jelena Dokic winning or Ana Ivanovic losing?

Which is the bigger disappointment – Federer vs Safin match or Ivanovic losing?

I don’t particularly like this year’s Aussie Open. Many players I’m supporting have been defeated and the quality of play in the first few rounds have been less than spectacular. Well, when my favorite players aren’t playing, I support underdogs. Most of the time, underdogs don’t win. So I’m pretty disappointed this time.

When Day 5 came, I was again hoping for the underdogs to win. I wasn’t really expecting them to win though. But wow did Dokic and Kleybanova surprise me. I think partly the reason Ana lost today is the competition atop the rankings. People were fighting for the top spot, and she did reach the final last year and has a lot of points to defend. Ana has proven once again that she cannot handle that pressure. Another one slam wonder?

With Venus and Ana gone, the women’s draw opens up a little bit. Dementieva has some breathing space now; if she can get through Stosur and Cibulkova, she should be safely into the semis fighting with Dinara Safina. She should have a lot of confidence into that match if it were to take place.

Now, on to Dokic. boy, boy, boy. I dunno what to say about this lady. I empathised with her hardships and family breakdown, and I am so glad she’s back. I expected more from the fuzzy-haired Wozniacki though. She just cracked under pressure didn’t she? The proud was totally pro-Dokic, the underdog, making the Dane crack under the sheer pressure of trying a match that she should win on paper. Bad luck for Wozniacki as well perhaps, but I’m sure she’ll stick around for a while. Potential top-tenner, though I think she needs to improve her game significantly before getting into the top-five.

Ana Ivanovic losing seems to be such a fateful happening for her; playing against Kleybanova would surely be easier than playing Ivanovic. The match is now Dokic’s for the taking. I’m looking forward to the continuation of the fairytale. At least for one more round. 🙂


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