0110 – Some things are just meant to be.

There were almost 18 assassination attempts on Hitler. He survived them. He survived them! 18! Goodness sake!

Why did he survive? Maybe he was meant to. Maybe the world needs to witness such ruthless authoritarian. Maybe the world needs an extremist to remind itself what it should not become. The Masterplan of the world? Perhaps.

On a less serious note, maybe Hitler was there so that historians have something to talk about and that history textbooks can be a little thicker.

Nevertheless, some things are just meant to be.

We don’t have all the control over our lives, but we can choose where we want to head. Whether we head there properly and whether we reach the destination are all depending on the Masterplan.

Where am I heading now? Do you think I’ve changed? I feel… lackluster, drained, devoid of motivation. This is bad.


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